Chhalawa Full Movie Download

Chhalawa Full Movie Download

Chhalawa is Pakistani romantic comedy film, written, directed and produced by Wajahat Rauf under his Showcase Films. Edited by Hasan Ali Khan. It has Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Aashir Wajahat and Mehmood Aslam in pivot roles. It released on Eid al-Fitr, June 2019, by Hum Films and Eveready Pictures

Chhalawa  Full Movie Download
Chhalawa Full Movie Download

Chhalawa Movie Review

This i my first review of a Pakistani Movie but i will try to be as critical as a novice can be.

First the good parts; Shiraz Uppel hands down a great job. Really good music. Chhalawa title song was on of the reasons i watched the movie. It was catchy!!

Acting of Mehwish Hayat and Mehmood Aslam is acceptable.(bearly)

Zara Noor is someone that has however, stood out. Her character “Haya” was also the only character that could be seen as developed. Zara’s acting was spot on and where ever the script allowed she could outshine. She is the only character that made me chuckle (only emotion that came may be twice or thrice on my face in the entire movie!)

Now about the bad parts or should i say the entire movie. Storyline, dialogues, Direction (Google auto corrected to directionless…i tend to agree with that). The writters need creative writing lessons. A story has to have some flow a start, middle and end atleast. To say the story didn’t had that flow would still be an understatement. The storyline and direction was so off, i ended up wondering if they even watched the movie after they had put it together. The director must have been sleeping when the final cut paste and patch it up was done. One after another the scenes made no sense and then there were songs dropping by for no reason at all. In the final scenes i spent time re-arranging the movie and found it (re arranged version) much more appealing when the product which was presented.

I believe mehwish and mehmood aslam should have withdrawn their names after seeing the script. Theire characters lacked any depth and were One dimensional and underdeveloped right from the start till the end.

Other actors made no effort of putting forward a good show.

Chhalawa Movie Cast

Mehwish Hayat as Zoya
Azfar Rehman as Sameer
Zara Noor Abbas as Haya
Asad Siddiqui as Luqman
Aashir Wajahat as Haroon
Adnan Shah Tipu as Chaudhry Nazakut
Mohsin Ejaz as Jalal Chaudhry
Mehmood Aslam as Chaudhry Rafaqat; Zoya and Haya’s father Cast

Chhalawa Movie Cast & Release Date

Movie Name Chhalawa
Released Date 5 June 2019
Download Size 2.41 GB |1.33 GB | 795 MB
Video Quality 1080p | 720p | 480p
Language Urdu
Genres Comedy, Drama, Family
Director  Wajahat Rauf
Produced Wajahat Rauf

Chhalawa Full Movie Download


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